Our Charges

At WhiteLineFunds.com we strive to provide great interest rates to our customers.

Usually the APR on payday loans are higher than average interest rates on conventional loans. Typically our fees range from $15 up to $20 for every $100 of the loan amount. The fees are based on the loan amount, loan term and your state of residency.

Remember that you may also be charged additional fee for late payment. However, if you can’t pay back your loan on time, you are able to request a loan extension.

Responsible Lending

Our Lending Policy:

- We follow all legal and regulatory standards and requirements

- We don’t encourage our customers to get the loans that aren’t suitable for their personal situation

- We don’t charge application fee or other hidden fees

- We don’t target the borrowers with bad credit history

- We don’t target the customers who are in difficult financial situation

- Our terms and conditions are clear to borrowers and explained in the loan e-agreement